Global Disaster Response

Suicide Bombing in Turkey

Suicide bombing at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Turkey, kills at least 28 people, injures 60.

Workshop and Poster Call: 2016 Health & Humanitarian Logistics Conference

The HHL Conference brings together speakers and attendees from non-government organizations (NGOs), industry, government, military, and academia in a forum to identify common challenges, share innovative research, and prioritize strategies, policies, and investment. The agenda features plenary panel discussions, interactive workshops, poster sessions, and ample opportunities for networking.

China and Russia Teams Join WHO’s Emergency Medical Team Initiative

The Director-General of the World Health Organization has presented letters of certification to Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) from China and Russia confirming that they are capable of providing mobile emergency field hospitals and staff members in response to natural disasters and disease outbreaks.

Training to Help Ebola Patients in West Africa – AP

As the Ebola crisis continues in West Africa, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is training doctors, nurses and other health care workers going to work in Ebola Treatment Units in West Africa. Includes commentary by Dr. Miriam Aschkenasy, Deputry Director of Global Disaster Response, Center for Global Health.

The thrill of the drill – MGH Hotline

Thirteen MGH staff members recently traveled to Palo Alto, California, to participate in a mock humanitarian disaster at the Stanford Medical Campus.

When Disaster Strikes (Proto)

Dr. Miriam Aschkenasy, Deputy Director of Global Disaster Response at the MGH Center for Global Health, discusses the MGH response to Typhoon Haiyan and the emerging field of Disaster Response

Typhoon Haiyan: Looking back and moving forward

On Feb. 12, the center hosted “Global Disaster Response at Mass General: Reflections on Typhoon Haiyan and the Philippines,” in the O’Keeffe Auditorium. Part seminar, part reflection, part reunion, the event represented the culmination of months of work and served as a forum for MGH volunteers to share their stories with the community.