Durant Fellowship in Refugee Medicine




Disaster Response


Care, Research


  • Donna Perry
  • Larry Ronan

Throughout his life, Dr. Thomas Durant, former MGH Associate General Director, exemplified how one could incorporate humanitarian service to refugees and other victims of war and disasters within one's professional career.

The Thomas S. Durant Fellowship honors his spirit of dedication and service through sponsoring health care professionals to serve refugee populations and victims of complex humanitarian disasters. This fellowship fosters in its recipients a sense of commitment to populations in distress and to provide education to aid in the prevention and treatment of disease in refugee populations.

This program has 15 locations

  • Thailand, Asia
  • Burma, Asia
  • Sudan, Africa
  • Rwanda, Africa
  • Indonesia, Asia
  • Cambodia, Asia
  • Zambia, Africa
  • South Africa, Africa
  • Bolivia, South America
  • Belize, South America
  • Kenya, Africa
  • Ethiopia, Africa
  • Liberia, Africa
  • Haiti, South America
  • Libya, Africa