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Global Neurology Research Group Special Panel Discussion: Three Syrian physicians speak about their experiences practicing in Syria.

Medical Care Under Siege - Testimonies from Doctors in Aleppo

March 27, 2017
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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This panel will examine the medical and public health impact of the protracted war, examining the burden of trauma, rehabilitation needs and disease, while noting the insurmountable challenges in delivering quality care, the constant threat to life, and the toll this extended war has exacted from both patients and their providers.

DR. ABU RAJAB was the director of M10 hospital, the largest trauma facility in Aleppo and a frequent target of airstrikes and artillery shelling. He was one of the few medical staff to remain in Aleppo during the siege and survive. Along with his colleagues, Dr. Abu Rajab was among the last to leave Aleppo in mid-December, 2016.,

DR. FARIDA was the last remaining female OB-GYN in East Aleppo. She worked in both M2 and M3 hospitals and trained her team of nurses to serve as midwifes, in order to respond to the high pregnancy rates among the local population. She has continued to practice medicine in Idlib.,

DR. ABDULKHALEK was the director of M3 hospital and the only ophthalmologist in East Aleppo. He also served as a leader of the Aleppo Health Directorate, and was one of three doctors who negotiated a plan for medical evacuations from the city in November 2016., All three return to Syria this month.


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